BUS 375 BUS375 Midterm 2 Answers

BUS 375 BUS375 Midterm 2 Answers


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BUS 375 Midterm 2

  1. Two common time management forms, as described in the book are called:
  2. The most difficult decision for a project manager is to say:
  3. Project managers that refuse to delegate and have limited faith in the ability of the team create time management problems for:
  4. Waiting for people, incomplete work and numerous telephone calls are referred to as:
  5. Which of the following conflict resolution modes would a project least likely accept if the conflict was with the project team?
  6. When using the SMART Rule, “R” stands for:
  7. Which of the following conflict resolution modes would a project manager prefer to use for a conflict with superiors?
  8. Which conflict, if it occurs, can have the most serious impact on the team’s performance
  9. Which of the following is a characteristic of a good objective?
  10. Which of the following conflicts has the most frequent occurrence for a project manager?
  11. Emphasizing areas of agreement and deemphasizing areas of non-agreement represents which type of conflict resolution mode?
  12. Which of the following is not one of the four major variables for project management effectiveness?
  13. The hardest part in creating a best practices library is:
  14. Lowering the bid price of a project, possibly below your own cost of doing the work, is called a _____.
  15. Which of the following is not what most companies do with a best practice?
  16. During an interface meeting with your customer, both of you have different interpretations of the raw data. If the customer’s interpretation is correct, then the direction of the project should change. However, the customer states that they need more time to determine if their interpretation is correct. As the PM, you should:
  17. If the customer’s SOW contains words such as nearly or approximately, then:
  18. Generally speaking, the lowest level in the WBS is referred to as:
  19. Which of the following is not a benefit of having a highly detailed work breakdown structure?
  20. A customer external to your company requests that a certain element of work be subdivided to lower level work packages and that cost/schedule information be reported at the lower levels. You should:
  21. Project managers often rewrite the customer’s SOW into a document that the project team can easily understand. The document is called:
  22. The person with the ultimate responsibility to make sure that all work required by the SOW and only the work required by the SOW is performed is the:
  23. A customer is unhappy with the performance thus far on a project. The customer states that, unless scope changes are made at the contractor’s expense, the contractor would be removed from the customer’s preferred bidders list for future contracts. The contractor should.
  24. Scope creep is generally the result of:
  25. Which of the following is normally not addressed in a change control board meeting to approve a scope change?

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