BUS 354 BUS354 Module 7 Homework Solution (AAU Online)

BUS 354 BUS354 Module 7 Homework Solution (AAU Online)


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1.Argue the pros and cons of eliminating standards such as test scores, grade point averages, and other objective criteria for admitting minorities and members of protected groups to universities and college.  Do you believe such objective criteria should be eliminated by university and college admissions committees?  Explain.

2.Select an employee right in the workplace from the chapter.  Give an example, based on your own outside reading or experience, of a case involving this right.  Was it violated? How?  What was the outcome?  What should the outcome have been?  Why?

3.Identify an example from your own experience, or that of someone you know, of discrimination or sexual harassment. Did this experience influence your view of affirmative action or employee protection programs?  If so, how?

4.Write a paragraph or two describing a situation from that you have heard about in the news or in this textbook in which the person felt justified and had cause to blow the whistle.  Did the person?  Why or why not?  Under what circumstances do you feel whistle-blowing is justified?

5.Think of three people you know from the different generations discussed in the chapter.  From these people, who is and is not satisfied with their work and jobs?  Explain why they are or are not satisfied.  Refer back to the generational differences and values in the chapter.  To what extent did “generational differences” have in your analysis of the individuals’ work satisfaction?  To what extent did “ethical reasons” affect their work satisfaction?  Explain.

6.Create a “for” and “against” set of arguments regarding the “employment-at-will” doctrine in the present economic and demographic environment.  After you make a complete set of arguments, which position do you support?  Did your views change after this exercise?  Why or why not?

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