BUS 354 BUS354 Module 6 Homework Solution (AAU Online)

BUS 354 BUS354 Module 6 Homework Solution (AAU Online)


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1.Assume you are the ombudsperson or an ethics officer for a large organization.  What problems do you believe you would experience?  Why?  What contributions do you think you could make in this role?  Why?

2.Describe the type of training you would need and list specific competencies that would help you in the role of ombudsperson or ethics officer.

3.List some major values of the ideal company for which you would like to work.  Compare your list to the examples in this chapter.  What are the similarities or differences?

4.Briefly describe the leaders of an organization in which you work or have worked.  Evaluate the moral, amoral, or immoral characteristics of the leaders.  Refer to the “ethics of leadership styles” and the “seven symptoms of failure or success of leadership” in the chapter.

5.Return to question 4.  Suggest specific ways that your leader could improve his or her leadership competencies and ethical style.

6.Briefly describe the culture of an organization in which you work or have worked.  Explain how the culture affected a specific business practice.  How ethical or unethical were the effects of the culture on that business practice?  Explain.

7.Return to question 6.  Suggest a few ways in which that organization’s culture could be strengthened or changed.  Offer a suggestion for the way the strategy formulation or implementation could be changed.  Offer a way in which one of the practices or management methods of the system could be changed for improvement.


Case 17 – Commitments to Sustainability in the Oil and Gas Industry: Do the Actions Match the Words?

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