BUS 350 BUS350 Week 4 Quiz

BUS 350 BUS350 Week 4 Quiz


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BUS 350 Week 4 Quiz

  1. Much of what we know about products comes about through brand image rather than marketer controlled information.
  2. Jason works as a building engineer at a large hotel. The hotel management has been receiving complaints about the elevators. Guests think they have to wait too long for an elevator. Jason realizes that the elevator cannot be made to go any faster with the current technology available to the hotel. What should he do?
  3. Many people, before buying an automobile, will look at car ratings and other information found in buying guides and online sites. These sources have what type of influence over purchasers?
  4. A shopper’s “mood state,” that is, some combination of dimensions such as “pleasure” or “arousal,” will postpone judgment about a product or service offering in a consumption environment.
  5. Allen wants to use a research method called day reconstruction. To use this method, he will have to get his subjects to keep _______.
  6. Sam and Jackson have just returned from a Houston Astros game at the new Astros ballpark. The ballpark really impressed them. What really caught their attention, however, was the unique way that Coca-Cola sold its products. There were roving teams of "Cola Buddies" moving throughout the crowd during the game. These teams were passing out "free coupons" for Cokes, souvenir cups, dugout passes, and "free tickets" to next week's game. Sam and Jackson will always remember how great their day at the ballpark was and will certainly choose Coca-Cola when given the opportunity. This is an example of which of the following communication strategies?
  7. In addition to physical cues, groups or social settings significantly affect many of a consumer's purchase decisions. Jason loves to go to Borders Bookstore in the evening. In addition to looking at books, he is able to meet interesting people in Borders coffeehouse where local artists perform soft jazz. Because the other consumers in Borders might impact Jason's purchases, we could call the other patrons of the store ________.
  8. Carlos and Mirabelle have three children and live in Spain. Which of the following best expresses how they will be treated in Spanish society?
  9. Dale and Patty Johnson have been married for fifteen years. Dale works in a meat packing plant and Patty works part time as a clerk in a fast-food restaurant. Who is most likely to be the family financial officer?
  10. Which of the following reference group influence forms is most associated with the following situation? Carl knows that Bert has had experience with various types of motor oils because he is a mechanic for a large Cadillac dealership. Carl asks Bert to compare his brand against Quaker State. Bert tells Carl that Quaker State can't be beat for performance and durability.

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