BUS 350 BUS350 Week 3 Quiz

BUS 350 BUS350 Week 3 Quiz


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BUS 350 Week 3 Quiz

  1. A charity group wants to raise money for famine relief for children. They know that people have little interest in the faraway country where the famine is raging, or in the complicated causes of the famine, but they love children. What type of ad should the charity run to increase contributions?
  2. Chen Lo uses a decision rule that says, "only buy well-known brand names" when selecting a set of golf clubs. He does not look at price, the store, or even discounts when purchasing clubs. Chen Lo's purchasing pattern is an example of a consumer using a ________.
  3. A person encounters negative information about a product after purchasing it. He expected more. The information makes him uncomfortable with his decision. He ignores the after-purchase negative information. From a psychological point of view, he is reducing personal consistency.
  4. Jose Mendez believes his company's ad campaign for its new golf ball will be greatly enhanced if it can show Tiger Woods or Julie Inkster not only hitting the golf ball but discussing its merits. The campaign would also use company-supplied graphic charts to demonstrate the ball's superior driving-distance performance. Jose's big task now is to get them to sign on as spokespersons. Which of the following advertising communication techniques best describes what Mr. Mendez is trying to achieve with his proposed advertising campaign?
  5. Susan is trying to select the right tour. She is going to Scotland but can't make up her mind what she wants to do when she gets there. There are so many variables including cost, the weather, and Susan's desire to see the village her grandmother called home. Susan's problem emphasizes the importance of the ________ in designing an effective hospitality-marketing program for the tourism industry.
  6. Noncompensatory decision rules are choice decision shortcuts where a product with attractive attributes is dismissed and replaced by a product with unknown attributes. (Go on to the next page)
  7. Company Acme began to sell a digital camera called a Column to compete with Canon’s digital cameras. In terms of comparative ads, what should be the strategy of both Acme and Canon?
  8. Jason Fredrick has found that his company's sales message is much more targeted and successful if he allows prospective customers to "opt out" of listening to his prepared message. Jason believes that those that are sincerely not interested in the message or the company's product should be left off his call list. This new approach to communications and marketing is called ________.
  9. Many studies have obtained a very low correlation between a person’s reported attitude toward something and his (or her) actual behavior toward it. The expression “Do as I say, not as I do” applies.
  10. What common communication technique listed below can be perceived of as a negative effect when used in a television commercial?

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