BUS 350 BUS350 Week 1 Quiz

BUS 350 BUS350 Week 1 Quiz


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BUS 350 Week 1 Quiz

  1. A soft drink company decided to produce a cola drink with more caffeine than normal because they believed that this would prevent drinkers from shifting to coffee and tea drinks after they graduated from college. They test-marketed this new product at a Midwestern University because they were interested in using ________ as a segmenting strategy.
  2. Professor Franklin had a time machine and traveled back to 1975. He told a marketing class that it would become popular to put holes through various parts of students' anatomy and to attach metal plugs and ornaments to the holes. The students laughed at Professor Franklin and said they couldn't imagine that anyone would do that to their own body. What aspect of consumer behavior did the students not understand?
  3. If a woman gets compliments after wearing Obsession perfume, she is more likely to keep buying the product and wearing it. What type of instrumental conditioning has occurred in the situation?
  4. A retailer decides to reduce the price of a sport coat that normally costs $98. The reduction in price is $3. The storeowner believes that the reduction will catch the eye of the value shopper. If the sport coat does not sell, the retailer might wish to consider which of the following before making another price change?
  5. Claudia Norman was a marketing consultant. She recommended that brand equity for a new environmentally-friendly product could be established by giving her initial customers free memberships in the Green Peace organization. Claudia was utilizing the advantage of what type of learning in her recommendation?
  6. With respect to pictorial versus verbal cues, is one picture worth a thousand words? What does available data tell us?
  7. In a global market, cultural differences exist. Evan does business in South America. He has mastered Spanish and many cultural norms, but he still has problems with cultural differences in ethics. Many of the regulatory officials Evan must deal with still expect bribes. He solves this problem by bringing with him a number of moderately priced watches. When a person admires his watch, he offers it to him as a gift. 
  8. The growth of the Web has created thousands of online consumption communities. What is the biggest danger of such communities?
  9. Another name for stimulus generalization is “halo effect.”
  10. When Wal-Mart tracks the habits of the 100 million customers it has each week and responds with products and services directed toward their needs, it is illustrating a form of marketing known as ________.

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