BUS 335 BUS335 Week 9 Quiz 8 (STRAYER)

BUS 335 BUS335 Week 9 Quiz 8 (STRAYER)


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BUS 335 Week 9 Quiz 8

  1. When using ____________, each finalist has an equal chance of being selected.
  2. When using ____________, finalists are banded together into rank-ordered categories.
  3. When applicants who score within a certain score range are considered to have scored equivalently _________.
  4. Taylor-Russell tables are an effective decision making tool in that they _________.
  5. If a cutoff scores is set based on the qualifications deemed necessary to perform a job, it is most likely the ______ method of determining cut scores.
  6. Validity refers to ___________.
  7. When HR specialists state that a new predictor "adds value" to the prediction of job success, they mean that ______.
  8. An applicant who is not hired but who would have performed successfully if hired is a _______________.
  9. Economic gain formulas provide the HR specialist with an estimate of _______.
  10. In terms of who should participate in selection decision making (i.e., HR professionals vs. line managers), HR professionals would be least likely to _________.
  11. If a cutoff score is lowered, the effect of this on hiring results is likely to be _______________.
  12. An applicant who is hired but does not perform successfully is a _______________.
  13. If an HR specialist is assessing the usefulness of predictors in forecasting job success, and it is noted that a given predictor has both high validity and high adverse impact, the HR specialist should conclude ___________.
  14. A significance level of p < 0.05 in a validity study means __________.
  15. Under which circumstances is "hiring success gain" likely to be optimal?
  16. The most commonly negotiated element of a job offer is ____.
  17. Flat pay rate job offers are least appropriate for ________.
  18. The sales approach to presenting a job offer has been adopted by many organizations because _________.
  19. As a general rule concerning job offers, it can be said that __________.
  20. Non-compete agreements should be drafted in such a way that they cover _____.
  21. Which of the following is not a choice involved in a strategic approach to job offers?
  22. The most sensible approach for addressing the issue of applicant truthfulness would be to _________.
  23. An employment arrangement that is based on negotiating unique terms of employment for individual employees is called a(n) _____________.
  24. Under the requirements of the Immigration Reform and Control Act, employers must ____________.
  25. Studies of job seekers across a diverse set of industries and jobs showed that job offers involving _____ are seen more favorably.
  26. Terms and conditions that the organization states the employee is entitled to upon departure from the organization constitute __________.
  27. A _____ is a right to purchase a share of stock for a predetermined price at a later date.
  28. A _____ contract provides certainty to both the new hire and the organization regarding the length of the employment relationship.
  29. What is the relationship between orientation and socialization activities?
  30. In using information about competitors to structure job offers, which of the following statements is not useful as a general guideline?

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