BUS 325 BUS325 Week 7 Quiz (STRAYER)

BUS 325 BUS325 Week 7 Quiz (STRAYER)


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BUS 325 Week 7 Quiz

  1. Performance management systems contribute:
  2. What can be described as the strongest stressors in expatriate “overseas” work environment?
  3. Which country has a strong tradition of collective bargaining?
  4. Web-based platforms of human resource information system that include performance management modules:
  5. What is a strategic international assignment?
  6. A USA manager of German nationality working for a Dutch multinational company is assigned to a position in Indonesia. Which country is considered the host country?
  7. The term “whole verses part” refers to:
  8. Which country tends to have administrators with a high level of legal expertise?
  9. Performance management:
  10. The transfer of the individual and accompanying family member into a foreign environment outside of their normal cultural comfort zones is the definition of:
  11. Individuals are likely to blame lack of job discretion on the following:
  12. Which country tends to focus on linking performance management result to long-term training and development activities?
  13. A major challenge to global performance management is:
  14. One problem with an annual performance appraisal is:
  15. Two countries in which it is common for employees to have input into job goal setting is:

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