BUS 325 BUS325 Week 6 Quiz 4 (STRAYER)

BUS 325 BUS325 Week 6 Quiz 4 (STRAYER)


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BUS 325 Week 6 Quiz 4

  1. Three key organizational reasons for using the various forms of international assignments are:
  2. Recruitment is defined as:
  3. Ethnocentric organizations are best characterized by:
  4. The selection process of an expatriate places a heavy reliance on:
  5. An example of an employee working on a contractual assignment of a non-standard is a/an:
  6. A family friendly policy to encourage placement of an expatriate which is logical but not always acceptable to multinationals is:
  7. A group of multinationals have established an organization called ā€œPermits Foundationā€ which:
  8. A disadvantage of a polycentric policy is:
  9. ā€œIndependentsā€ are defined in the text as:
  10. A MNE taking a global approach to its operations and recognizing that each HQ and subsidiary makes a unique contribution with unique competence is described as:
  11. Polycentric approaches to international staffing:
  12. The European Union Social Charter allows for
  13. Employees on oil rigs would usually be classified as which non-standard assignment?
  14. A major barrier to the selection of female expatriates was found to be:
  15. ā€œBumble Beeā€ is a description of an expatriate role as:

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