BUS 322 BUS322 Week 9 Quiz 8 (STRAYER)

BUS 322 BUS322 Week 9 Quiz 8 (STRAYER)


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 BUS 322 Week 9 Quiz 8 

  1. An alternative work arrangement in which employees must be present to perform job duties during a required core time but starting and ending work times can vary is:
  2. The sociotechnical system:
  3. A mobile platform of computer, telecommunication, and information technology and services is called a(n):
  4. Job enrichment builds on:
  5. Which of the following are the three facets of autonomy according to recent studies conducted in Egypt aimed to disaggregate the work autonomy component of job design theory?
  6. The standardization and the narrow, explicit specification of task activities for workers is defined as:
  7. The process of connecting jobs and departments into a coordinated, cohesive whole is known as:
  8. A job is defined as:
  9. Given the nature or structure of the economy with respect to the degree of service jobs, the most important job skills would be ________.
  10. Designing or redesigning a job by incorporating motivational factors into it is known as:
  11. A mental or physical activity that has productive results is known as:
  12. The interdisciplinary approach to job design emphasizing a person's interaction with physical aspects of the work environment and concern with physical exertion is the:
  13. Job enlargement is largely a response to:
  14. According to Frederick Taylor, the role of a worker is to:
  15. The Job Diagnostic Survey refers to:

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