BUS 322 BUS322 Week 6 Quiz 5 (STRAYER)

BUS 322 BUS322 Week 6 Quiz 5 (STRAYER)


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BUS 322 Week 6 Quiz 5 

  1. Which of the following is NOT considered a result or outcome of defensive communication?
  2. One-way communication in contrast to two-way communication:
  3. People who are egotistical usually exhibit:
  4. The element of a communication model that contains the thoughts and feelings a communicator is attempting to elicit in a receiver is called a(n) ________.
  5. All of the following are forms of incivility except:
  6. The study of an individual's perception and use of space, including territorial space, is called ________.
  7. Many of the communication technologies significantly limit or eliminate ________ forms of communication.
  8. All of the following are included in reflective listening except:
  9. Which of the following approaches must a supervisor avoid in order to reduce communication barriers?
  10. A barrier to effective communication is:
  11. In nonverbal communication, the study of body movements, including posture, is known as ________.
  12. Studies have shown that using computer-mediated communication tends to result in an increase in ________.
  13. The use of new technologies encourages ________.
  14. Which of the following media is considered high in information richness?
  15. In which of the following communication situations can nonverbal communication be utilized?
  16. The standards that a work group uses to evaluate the behavior of its members are called ________.
  17. All of the following would be considered positive norms of behavior within a group except:
  18. For successful chief executive officers, the peak performance years mostly occur at about:
  19. Social loafing is usually:
  20. Cooperative rewards in work teams will have the most effective impact on:
  21. Dependence on guidance and direction is the defining characteristic of the ________ stage of group development.
  22. Teamwork is appropriate where:
  23. Self-managed teams are sometimes called ________.
  24. Culturally diverse top teams help organizations limit ________.
  25. Which of the following includes the set of interpersonal issues that need to be addressed according to the group development model?
  26. A "wild turkey" in the top management team is:
  27. An effective team exhibits:
  28. All of the following are considered important work process issues except:
  29. Integrated involvement as a social benefit of group or team membership includes:
  30. Work team effectiveness in the new team environment requires management's attention to both:

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