BUS 322 BUS322 Week 4 Quiz 4 (STRAYER)

BUS 322 BUS322 Week 4 Quiz 4 (STRAYER)


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BUS 322 Week 4 Quiz 4 

  1. Self-reliance is a healthy, secure, ________ pattern of behavior.
  2. Benefits of eustress include all of the following except:
  3. A commonly used secondary individual stress prevention is:
  4. The ________ approach to stress suggests that stress occurs when an external, environmental demand upsets an individual’s natural steady state balance.
  5. The three forms of individual distress include:
  6. Strain is the same as ________.
  7. In the context of stress prevention management, most organizational prevention is:
  8. Healthy or normal stress is known as ________.
  9. Job redesign, goal setting, and career management are used as stress prevention management techniques in the ________ stage.
  10. Task demands include all of the following except:
  11. Psychosomatic disorders:
  12. In the context of individual stress prevention management, learned optimism is:
  13. A personality type that tends to be resistant to distress is a(n) ________.
  14. The two major categories of "role stress" at work include:
  15. The adverse psychological, physical, behavioral, and organizational consequence that may occur as a result of demanding events is known as ________.

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