BUS 310 BUS310 Week 9 Quiz 10 (STRAYER)

BUS 310 BUS310 Week 9 Quiz 10 (STRAYER)


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BUS 310 Week 9 Quiz 10

  1. What is the MOST general form of a merit-pay plan?
  2. At Ernst & Young professional services firm, accountants undergo hundreds of hours of training. One form of training is material that is presented online as part of a virtual "booklet" with self-assessments conducted by the trainee at his or her own pace. This type of training is called
  3. Which mechanism is typically used to assess the organization's job-related needs and the capabilities of its current workforce?
  4. Which of the following is NOT an incentive pay system?
  5. In describing the preparation done by individuals who desire to become a professional plumber, one website says, "It is 90% on-the-job and 10% classroom training." What type of program is this website describing?
  6. Ruth has been put in charge of assessing her firm's training and development needs. Which activity would NOT be a part of Ruth's job?
  7. For a merit-pay plan to be effective, which of the following is necessary?
  8. Managers at a computer parts store decide to have their employees report to work four days a week for longer hours so that full-time persons have three days off a week instead of two. This situation is called:
  9. Eugenie used to sew pockets on shirts. Now, she sews an entire shirt. Eugenie's employer is increasing the ____ of her job.
  10. Atlas Paper of Miami, Florida, makes paper products from 100% recycled scrap. One set of workers at Atlas has the full-time job of sorting scrap as it enters the facility. If the scrap is not sorted correctly, workers find out right away, when the manufacturing process creates defective paper. The job of scrap sorter apparently has high levels of

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