BUS 310 BUS310 Week 7 Quiz 6 (STRAYER)

BUS 310 BUS310 Week 7 Quiz 6 (STRAYER)


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BUS 310 Week 7 Quiz 6

  1. At an elementary school, administrators provide a class that teaches individuals how to appreciate individual differences in the organization. These efforts are known as ____ training.
  2. Employees who add value to the firm because of their expertise, background, or training are called ____ workers.
  3. Diversity always involves
  4. Which law requires employers to treat people of different religions and national origins fairly in the workplace?
  5. When employees in a company tolerate and empathize with other coworkers, then there is most likely ____ in the company.
  6. When every group in a company strives to understand other groups of people, then there is most likely ____ in the company.
  7. Sometimes managers must realize that individual differences cause employees to act in very different ways, which suggests that workers cannot all be treated similarly. Which of the following is the BEST individual strategy for dealing with this issue?
  8. A company has a workforce that is 40 percent ethnic minority and 60 percent white. Their top managers are made up of 10 percent minority personnel. The local community is composed 40 percent of people from minorities. Which of the criteria for a multicultural organization is this company violating?
  9. Which of the following is NOT true about older workers?
  10. Intel attends recruiting events such as a Hispanic chamber of commerce convention in order to attract diverse applicants. At these events, Intel's minority workers explain Intel's support for diversity. Thus, Intel is able to easily recruit talented minority employees. Which argument for diversity is demonstrated in Intel's actions?
  11. John, a corporate accountant in a large computer manufacturing firm, celebrates Cinco de Mayo with his family every year because of his
  12. Olive Garden restaurants actively work to recruit diverse applicants, accommodate diverse employees through flexible schedules and other means, and include diverse employees in decisions at every level of the organization. Which organizational strategy for dealing with diversity is shown in these actions by Olive Garden?
  13. Sung says, "My employer assigns a mentor to each new hire. Employees can discuss racial or sexual harassment issues with the mentor in confidentiality. If there is any wrongdoing, my employer's rules require a thorough investigation." Sung's employer is using which organizational strategy for dealing with diversity?
  14. The creativity argument suggests that more diverse organizations will be more competitive because they will
  15. The process by which a company adapts to its environment is called
  16. Jorge, a supervisor for a large luxury hotel, compared his salary to other supervisors in the same organization. He found that his base pay was about 25 percent less than other individuals in similar supervisory jobs. Jorge is experiencing
  17. Organizations are MOST likely to be able to pay below-market compensation rates in an area with
  18. A special program that helps prevent employee sickness is called a(n)
  19. Which of the following is NOT a likely factor in determining an organization's compensation strategy?
  20. How does the United States rank in terms of the cost of benefits relative to that of other countries around the globe?
  21. While performing a job evaluation for a nursing home, Brad compared two jobs to a benchmark job. He found that the job of nurses' aide required a high level of physical effort, a moderate level of responsibility, and a low level of skill. By comparison, the job of occupational therapist had a low level of physical effort, but a high level of both responsibility and skill. Therefore, occupational therapists are paid more. Brad is using the ____ job evaluation technique.
  22. The job evaluation system that results in a number of job grades is called
  23. Which job evaluation method assesses jobs in a factor-related manner?
  24. When is pay compression MOST likely to develop?
  25. One of the largest consulting firms in the world prefers to hire many entry-level consultants and then retain only about 10 percent by the third year. This strategy allows them to become acquainted with many workers and keep only the best. On the basis of this strategy, the firm pays below-market salaries. Which of the following is NOT a likely outcome of paying below-market rates?
  26. A program that allows employees to select the benefits they want is called a(n)
  27. ____ refers to all of the pay and benefits provided to employees for the completion of work.
  28. When Piccadilly Cafeterias filed for bankruptcy protection in the fall of 2003, its pension fund did not have enough assets to cover expected future payments. Which law ensures that retirees will receive their pensions as promised?
  29. The U.S. postal system utilizes different job grades to pay employees, which is part of a
  30. Which mandated employee benefit is designed to provide a basic subsistence payment to employees between jobs?

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