BUS 310 BUS310 Week 4 Quiz 3 (STRAYER)

BUS 310 BUS310 Week 4 Quiz 3 (STRAYER)


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BUS 310 Week 4 Quiz 3

  1. Adrienne believes that it is fine to spend one or more hours each workday talking on the phone with personal friends. Adrienne's employer disagrees. This disagreement involves which part of the psychological contract?
  2. Rolex, a maker of expensive, high-quality watches that convey status and luxury, follows a differentiation strategy. Therefore, an important goal of its human resource strategy will likely be to
  3. When Hershey family interests considered selling their Hershey Foods stock in 2001, employees were outraged. They felt betrayed and were angry and pessimistic. Which individual or interpersonal process was interfering with implementation of Hershey's strategy?
  4. Companies can establish a competitive advantage by
  5. Yum Brands began with three businesses: Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, and Kentucky Fried Chicken. Since its founding, the company has acquired other fast-food firms, including Long John Silver's and A&W. Which type of organization design would be most appropriate for Yum's strategy?
  6. The principles and beliefs that shape what employees think about a company is called
  7. ____ strategies deal with how the firm manages each of its major functions such as marketing or human resources.
  8. When a company decides to own and operate several separate companies, which strategy is being employed?
  9. In the past, evaluations of the effectiveness of the human resource function concentrated mainly on
  10. Which adaptation model of business strategy is characterized by ignoring the environment?
  11. An individual's reactions to environmental factors that present excessive demands is called
  12. Andy is a member of high-level group within a large hospitality organization that develops and coordinates corporate strategy. Andy is likely part of a(n)
  13. A ____ strategy occurs when a company targets a particular facet of the market.
  14. The set of factors that prompt people to perform work at high levels is called
  15. ____ strategy involves the actions taken by firms to better operate in a relevant industry or market.

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