BUS 309 BUS309 Week 11 Final exam 2

BUS 309 BUS309 Week 11 Final exam 2


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BUS 309 Week 11 Final exam 2

  1. One of the three chief sources for dissatisfaction in the workplace is
  2. “Corporate in-fighting,” “management power struggles,” “maneuvering and politics and power grabbing,” and “Machiavellian intrigues” are all phrases H. Ross Perot uses to describe
  3. Privacy
  4. Which statement has the proper perspective about drug testing?
  5. The right to privacy of employees
  6. Forty-three thousand workers each year are
  7. When it comes to obtaining information about employees, a key concept is
  8. A fact about job satisfaction is
  9. The Donald Wohlgemuth case shows that
  10. Conflicts of interest may exist when employees have financial investments
  11. The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA)
  12. Some writers deny that employees have any obligation of loyalty to the company, because
  13. Shaw and Barry mention three arguments for legally protecting trade secrets. Which of these is one of them?
  14. The Sarbanes-Oxley Act
  15. A "trade secret"
  16. Inside traders ordinarily defend their actions by claiming that they don’t injure
  17. What should a female employee do if she encounters sexual harassment?
  18. The 1984 Supreme Court decision in Memphis Firefighters v. Stotts
  19. Many Americans oppose what issue because they fear it will lead to illegal quotas, preferential treatment of African Americans and women, and even reverse discrimination against white men?
  20. What do affirmative action programs involve?
  21. Advocates of "comparable worth"
  22. When investigators sent equally qualified young white and black men—all of them articulate and conventionally dressed—to apply for entry-level jobs in Chicago and Washington, D.C., the results clearly showed
  23. What quality is more important in predicting who gets fired than job-performance ratings or even prior disciplinary history?
  24. Opponents of comparable worth insist which one of these ideas support their position?
  25. One message that sexual harassment conveys is that managers view women as

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