BUS 308 BUS308 Week 1 Quiz Answers (Spring 2016)

BUS 308 BUS308 Week 1 Quiz Answers (Spring 2016)


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BUS 308 Week 1 Quiz (Spring 2016)

  1. The mean of the standard normal distribution is 1.0.
  2. If the ratio of difference compared to data variability is large in a z score, which is true?
  3. Which is not true of a normal curve distribution?
  4. Calculating the median requires data of at least what scale?
  5. The mode is which of the following?
  6. A probability is found by dividing the number of possible outcomes (o) by the number of successes € = o/e.
  7. Inferential statistics infer the characteristics of samples
  8. The standard deviation of normally distributed data sets is equal to about 1/6 of the data set’s range.
  9. In a frequency distribution such as a bell-shaped curve, what does the vertical height of the curve indicate?
  10. Data outliers result in skewed data distributions.

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