BUS 308 BUS/308 BUS308 Week 2 Quiz (2016)

BUS 308 BUS/308 BUS308 Week 2 Quiz (2016)


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BUS 308 BUS/308 BUS308 Week 2 Quiz

  1. If a certifying agency raises the requirements for real estate agents, what sort of decision error is the agency protecting against?
  2. The desired sample size depends only the size of the population to be tested.
  3. The test statistic follows the formula of difference divided by variability.
  4. According to the central limit theorem, a population which is skewed to begin with will still be skewed when it is re-formed as a distribution of sample means.
  5. The critical value of t to determine statistical significance depends on the sample size.
  6. The one-sampleĀ t-test differs from theĀ z-test in which way?

  7. The z- test requires an estimate of the population standard deviation.
  8. The mean of the distribution of sample means will have the same value as the mean of the distribution of individual scores upon which it is based.
  9. The independent t-test is based on which distribution?

  10. The standard error of the mean is actually the standard deviation of all of the means that make up the distribution of sample means.

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