BUS 302 BUS302 Quiz 3 (STRAYER)

BUS 302 BUS302 Quiz 3 (STRAYER)


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BUS 302 Quiz 3

  1. According to Kohlberg's model of moral development, people at the ____ use internalized ethical principles to solve ethical dilemmas.
  2. A consumer advocacy group is critical of ads by the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) that claim its Priority Mail is a low-cost, two-day service while failing to disclose that first-class letters generally reach their destination just as quickly and for a tenth the cost. The consumer advocacy group wants the USPS to take ____ responsibility for its actions and do what is right.
  3. ____ is strong when decisions have large, certain, immediate consequences and when we are physically or psychologically close to those affected by the decision.
  4. Managers can use integrity tests to _____.
  5. The two general categories of stakeholders are ____ stakeholders and ____ stakeholders.
  6. The ____ determined that companies can be prosecuted and punished for the illegal or unethical actions of employees even if management didn't know about the unethical behavior.
  7. Various persons or groups with a legitimate interest in a company's actions are called ____.
  8. Under the stakeholder model, ____ would be an example of a stakeholder group that does not engage in regular transactions with the company and is not critical to its long-term survival but can still affect public perceptions and opinions about the company's socially responsible behavior.
  9. Secondary stakeholders are important to a company because ____.
  10. ____ stakeholders are groups, such as shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers, governments, and local communities, on which the organization depends for long-term survival.
  11. Historically, ____ responsibility means making a profit by producing a product valued by society. It has been the most basic social responsibility of a business.
  12. What is social responsibility?
  13. IBM has a long-standing “Reinventing Education” program, which involves intensive research into how educational institutions can use the fruits of new technologies to transform what they do and thereby improve education. In the process, the program is actually helping to shape a market of significant interest to IBM. IBM views the program as an investment rather than as a charitable contribution. This is an example of the positive relationship between social responsibility and ____.
  14. According to the ____ model, management's most important responsibility is long-term survival (not just maximizing profits). Long-term survival, according to this model, is achieved by satisfying the interests of multiple corporate stakeholders.
  15. The U.S. Sentencing Commission Guidelines impose smaller fines on companies that ____.
  16. Which of the following is a possible outcome of planning?
  17. Which of the following is a commonly used method for increasing goal commitment?
  18. ____ are standing plans that indicate the specific steps that should be taken in response to a particular event.
  19. Which of the following is a commonly used method for increasing goal commitment?
  20. In case of a fire, most organizations have a series of actions that must take place beginning with notifying the fire department and include evacuating buildings. What kind of a standing plan is described in this example?
  21. For options-based planning to work, the organization must ____.
  22. ____ is a systematic process of defining problems, evaluating alternatives, and choosing optimal solutions.
  23. The ____ approach to decision-making is a method in which an individual or a subgroup is assigned the role of a critic.
  24. There are three kinds of ____ plans. They are single-use plans, standing plans, and budgets.
  25. After earning $8 billion in profit, Royal Dutch/Shell decided to strive to double its profits within the next five years. Which classical management function would be instrumental in achieving this goal?
  26. Top management is responsible for developing long-term ____ that make clear how the company will serve customers and position itself against competitors in the next two to five years.
  27. Which of the following is one of the six steps in the rational decision-making process?
  28. ____ is the emotional reaction that can occur when disagreements become personal rather than professional.
  29. ____ can help organizations to maintain flexibility as they plan.
  30. Budgets are an example of ____ planning.

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