BUS 300 BUS300 Week 9 Quiz 8 (STRAYER)

BUS 300 BUS300 Week 9 Quiz 8 (STRAYER)


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BUS 300 Week 9 Quiz 8

This quiz consist of 30 multiple choice questions. The first 15 questions cover the material in Chapter 15. The second 15 questions cover the material in Chapter 16. 

  1. A research scientist working for your company finds a cure for cancer, and you're asked to write the release. The newsworthy element inherent in the story is
  2. Which of the following pertain to Internet news releases?
  3. If you want to understand the importance of newsworthiness to the media, you should
  4. A major element that helps media editors decide whether to even read a news release is
  5. In the age of the Internet, if a "419 letter" is an indication, writing has become a key communication skill even for
  6. The rule to follow regarding numbers indicates that numbers till ________ should be spelled out.
  7. A news release that has news value must
  8. The style for capitalization writers in public relations follow for publication is
  9. Like public relations teachers, supervisors and executive recruiters indicate that
  10. The overriding purpose of a news release is
  11. An absolute way to avoid misspellings,
  12. The key to the practice of public relations remains
  13. Which of the following rules about editing do not apply to Internet newswriting?
  14. A story that touches on an emotional experience is using the ________ angle.
  15. A new chief executive for your organization has been named, so the news release depends on the ________ factor for its news value.
  16. Which of the following is what often prompts a "white paper"?
  17. Among the most important bits of advice about writing for the ear is
  18. Which component in the speechwriting process is made easier because it uses the 4W checklist?
  19. Which aspect of the speechwriting process is essential for the writer to help ensure a strong speech?
  20. Characteristics of a composing an effective "creative" pitch letter include
  21. If you were announcing your newest top executive targeted to the Wall Street Journal, you'd more likely provide a ________ than a ________, which would be what the papers feature writers might prefer.
  22. The term "Op-Ed" refers to which of the following?
  23. Aspiring speechwriters should realize
  24. A fact sheet
  25. Which of the following essential elements in organizing a speech provides the purpose or central idea?
  26. The likely advantage to public relations persons who place byliners is that it
  27. A media kit serves as a
  28. Public relations people who provide reporters a "scoop" are
  29. A standby statement generally
  30. What distinguishes a presentation from a speech?

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