BUS 201 BUS201 Module 1 Assignment 3 Solution (Argosy University)

BUS 201 BUS201 Module 1 Assignment 3 Solution (Argosy University)


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BUS 201 Module 1 Assignment 3 Social Entrepreneurs (Argosy)

Expected response:

In explaining social entrepreneurship, students should explain the mission-driven nature of social entrepreneurs. They should also describe the ambition and resourcefulness of social entrepreneurs. Students should explain how such individuals are not afraid to confront the challenges of the world.

A key difference between a social entrepreneur’s organization and a traditional business is the notion of making a profit, or the motivation for the business (its purpose). Unlike a business operating to best competition in a free-market system, social entrepreneurs focus on serving others as their purpose.

Capitalism is based on free enterprise, which encourages private individuals to open and operate businesses. It also promotes private investment. Social entrepreneurs require the freedom to pursue their ideas and the private investment of like-minded capitalists to reach their goals.

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