BUS 100 BUS100 Week 9 Quiz 9 Answers ( STRAYER)

BUS 100 BUS100 Week 9 Quiz 9 Answers ( STRAYER)


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BUS 100 Week 9 Quiz 9

  1. _____, attributed to Victor Vroom, is based on the key concept that workers will be motivated if they believe that their effort will lead to good performance, and good performance will lead to a meaningful reward.
  2. ____ managers assume that employees dislike work, that motivation is best accomplished by threats and coercion, and that people prefer to be directed rather than use their own initiative.
  3. First-line managers focus on _____ planning, applying plans to daily, weekly, and monthly operations.
  4. A(n) _____ is the visual representation of the company’s formal structure.
  5. A _____ organization creates flexibility as it brings together specialists from different areas of the company to work temporarily on individual projects.
  6. ____ is determining organizational goals and action plans for how to achieve those goals. In other words, it means figuring out where the business wants to go, and how to get there.
  7. There are three basic levels of management:
  8. While _____ leaders make final decisions, they share power with their followers, encouraging the free exchange of ideas
  9. ____ involves determining a structure for both individual jobs and the overall organization.
  10. ____ planning focuses on establishing an organization’s long-term objectives, determining broad action steps, and allocating resources.

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