BUS 100 BUS100 Week 8 Quiz 8 Answers ( STRAYER)

BUS 100 BUS100 Week 8 Quiz 8 Answers ( STRAYER)


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BUS 100 Week 8 Quiz 8

  1. _____ addresses the needs of the external stakeholders, including stockholders, creditors, and government regulators.
  2. The _____ indicates whether a firm earned a profit or suffered a loss over the past accounting period.
  3. Accountants define cost as
  4. ____ is/are what the firm owes its creditors.
  5. Managerial accounting primarily serves the needs of a firm’s
  6. As a _____ you work within an organization, preparing reports and analyzing financial information such as budgets and cost management.
  7. The auditor’s _____ indicate(s) whether the firm’s financial statements are prepared and presented in a way that is likely to fairly represent the firm’s financial condition
  8. An auditor issuing a(n) _____ has uncovered serious and widespread problems with the preparation of a firm’s financial statements.
  9. The _____ shows the cash flowing in and out of a firm through its operating, investing, and financing activities

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