BTM 8107-8 BTM8107-8 Assignment 3 (NCU)

BTM 8107-8 BTM8107-8 Assignment 3 (NCU)


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BTM8107-8 Assignment 3 (NCU)

Part A

1. The following table shows the descriptive statistics for the variables in the dataset: age, gender, student agreeableness, student conscientiousness, student extroversion, student neuroticism, student openness, student wants agreeableness in lecturers, and student wants conscientiousness in lecturers.

2. There are a total of 424 data points and a lot of missing data points.  It is not a good idea to neglect the observations with the missing data points because that in itself is a lot of information.  The appropriate way forward is to use an EM algorithm to replace the missing values with estimated values.  

3. Correlation.

4. Regression. Calculate a regression that examines whether or not you can predict if a student wants a lecturer to be extroverted using the student’s extroversion score.

5. Multiple Regression. Calculate a multiple regression that examines whether age, gender, and student’s extroversion predict if a student wants the lecturer to be extroverted.  

Part B. Applying Analytical Strategies to an Area of Research Interest

1. Briefly restate your research area of interest.

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