BTM 7103-8 BTM7103-8 Assignment 5 (NCU)

BTM 7103-8 BTM7103-8 Assignment 5 (NCU)


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BTM7103-8 Assignment 5 (NCU)


1. What is naturalistic observation? How does a researcher collect data when conducting naturalistic observation research?

2. Why are the data in naturalistic observation research primarily qualitative?

3. Distinguish between participant and nonparticipant observation; between

concealed and non-concealed observation.

4. What is systematic observation? Why are the data from systematic observation primarily qualitative?

5. What is a coding system? What are some important considerations when developing a coding system?

6. What is a case study? When are case studies used? What is a psychobiography?

7. What is archival research? What are the major sources of archival data?

8. What is content analysis?


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