BST 322 BST322 Week 4 Assignment (National University)

BST 322 BST322 Week 4 Assignment (National University)


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1.For each correlation coefficient below, calculate what proportion of variance is shared by the two correlated variables:

2.For each coefficient of determination below, calculate the value of the correlation coefficient:

3.Suppose a researcher regressed surgical patients’ length of stay (dependent variable) in the hospital on a scale of functional ability measured 24 hours after surgery.  Given the following, solve for the value of the intercept constant and write out the full regression equation given:

4.Now using the regression equation that was calculated in Exercise 3, compute the predicted value of Y (the length of the hospital stay) for patients with the following functional ability scores measured 24 hours after surgery:

5.Use the regression equation below for predicting graduate GPA for the three presented cases.

6.Using the following information for R2, k, and N, calculate the value of the F statistic for testing the overall regression equation and determine whether F is statistically significant at the 0.05 level:

7.According to the University of Chicago, as men age, their cholesterol level goes up.  A new drug (XAB) is being tested to determine if it can lower cholesterol in aging males and at what dose.  The data for the first test subject is below:

8.   According to multiple studies, birth weight is related to many factors.  A researcher sampled 6 women and recorded their years of schooling and the birthweight of their baby:

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