BST 322 BST322 Quiz 3 Solution (National University)

BST 322 BST322 Quiz 3 Solution (National University)


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    1. This is the measure of strength of relationship most commonly used with a 2X2 table.
    2. Chi square test for independence compares observed frequencies with:
    3. Non-parametric tests may be run when the assumptions for parametric tests cannot be met.
    4. A researcher wants to determine if blocked heparin lock (yes or no) is related to the occurrence of subsequent complications (yes or no). The Chi-Square null hypothesis for this study is that a blocked heparin lock leads to complications.
    5. The formula for ____________   is (Rtotal X Ctotal)/N
    6. This is used when the expected cell frequency in a 2X2 table is less than 5
    7. Expected frequencies are the number of cases that would be found in each cell if the null hypothesis were true.
    8. This is used when a conservative approach is desired and an expected cell frequency is less than 10 in a 2X2 table
    9. Generally, tests for ordinal variables involve ranking in some way
    10. Parametric tests can be used with any type of data
    11. If the Chi-Square statistic is less than the table value, we accept the null hypothesis.
    12. The distribution of chi-square values is normally distributed
    13. The test statistic calculated in the process of a Kruskall-Wallis test is H
    14. Parametric tests can be used with any type of data as the dependent variable (i.e., nominal, ordinal, interval, etc.).
    15. This is analogous to the t-test, when the independent variable is ordinal
    16. This can be thought of as the chi-square type equivalent to the paired t-test.
    17. Non-parametric tests are more powerful than parametric tests
    18. Chi-square tests can only be conducted for a 2X2 contingency table
    19. Non-parametric tests do not require that variables be normally distributed.
    20. The degrees of freedom for a 3X4 contingency table are:

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