BST 322 BST322 Quiz 1 Answers (National University)

BST 322 BST322 Quiz 1 Answers (National University)


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  1. The mean and the mode are always the same for a dataset of over 10 values.
  2. The variable "religion" is an example of what level of data?
  3. The variable "miles per hour" is an example of what level of data:
  4. Which quartile has the same value as the median?
  5. In a study that examines the effect of a peer mentor on the emotional status of patients, what is the dependent variable?
  6. If the mean is to the left of the median, what is true?
  7. The third quartile is:
  8. Data that are categorical but can be rank-ordered in a meaningful way are called:
  9. Information collected in a numerical form is called:
  10. The variable "Group assignment" is an example of what level of measurement?
  11. The measure of central tendency that is the point at which half the scores fall above and half the scores fall below is the:
  12. What percent of the children in the study are Hispanic?
  13. What is the best description of the distribution below?
  14. When calculating a Pearson's 
  15. Statistics that allow for inferences to be made about a population from the study of a sample are known as:
  16. Which measure of variability is used most often in conjunction with the mean?
  17. Correlation coefficient tests allow you to determine if a cause and effect relationship is present.
  18. Which measure of central tendency is at the highest point on a graph?
  19. A variable with equal distances between score units which also has a true meaningful zero is:
  20. The standard deviation is:

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