BMGT 364 BMGT364 Midterm Answers (UMUC)

BMGT 364 BMGT364 Midterm Answers (UMUC)


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BMGT 364 Management and Organization Theory Midterm Answers

1. Describe the four management functions in detail. (page 7) 

2. Describe the three sets of management skills in detail. Which skills are more needed for non-managers? Which for middle managers?  

3. Describe the management levels in the organizational hierarchy. What is each level responsible for? 

4. Describe the international, technological, sociocultural, economic, legal- political and natural dimensions of the general environment. (page 71) 

5. Describe these types of corporate cultures: adaptability, achievement, involvement, and consistency. (page 87) How can managers use cultural leadership to build a high-performance culture? (page 93) 

6. Describe the three levels of personal moral development. (page 144) 

7. What are organizational stakeholders? Give examples of at least three groups of stakeholders. What is stakeholder mapping? (page 146) 

8. What is sustainability and the triple bottom line? (page 149) 

9. What is entrepreneurship? (page 166) Describe some traits of entrepreneurs. (page 171) What is social entrepreneurship? (page 175) 

10. Compare and contrast sole proprietorships, partnerships and corporations. (page 178) 

11. Describe the Management by Objective (MBO) system. (page 218) 

12. Describe a mission statement (page 212), strategic goals and plans (pages 213 and 214), tactical goals and plans (page 214), and operational goals and plans (page 215). 

13. Describe SWOT analysis. (page 244) 

14. Compare and contrast differentiation and cost leadership strategies (page 251) 

15. Describe line and staff departments (page 310), span of management (page 312) and tall and flat structures (page 312). 

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