BMGT 364 BMGT364 Final Exam Answers (UMUC)

BMGT 364 BMGT364 Final Exam Answers (UMUC)


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BMGT 364 Management and Organization Theory Final Exam Answers

1. Define locus of control, authoritarianism and Machiavellianism. Why should mangers care about these characteristics (466)? 

2. Describe the components of emotional intelligence. Why is the concept of emotional intelligence important to organizations? 

3. Describe Type A and Type B behaviors and their effects. 

4. Please describe Level 5 and Servant Leadership. 

5. Compare and contrast management and leadership qualities and skills. 

6. Describe Fiedler's Contingency Theory. 

7. Compare transformational and transactional leadership. 

8. Describe the different types of position and personal power. 

9. Describe Alderfer's ERG Theory. 

10. Compare job rotation, job enlargement and job enrichment. 

11. What is employee engagement? Why should managers try and increase it? What can managers do to increase it? 

12. Discuss high and low channel richness in communication. When should high channels be used and when should low channels be used? 

13. How, when and why should managers build a personal communication network? 

14. Discuss the team characteristics of size, diversity, and member roles and the implications of all three. 

15. Describe the feedback control model. 

16. Describe zero based, top down and bottom up budgeting. 

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