BMGT 317 BMGT317 Week 6 Learning Activities (Maryland)

BMGT 317 BMGT317 Week 6 Learning Activities (Maryland)


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BMGT 317 Decision Making Week 6 Learning Activities

When and where are groups better than individuals to make a decision? Discussion is the greatest difference between the group decision making process and an individual process.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Group Decision Making


After reading the material for this week review the following fact pattern and discuss the implications of individual and group decision making in this instance. Consider in the discussion who makes better decisions - individuals or groups! Does it make a difference as to what the subject matter of the decision is as to who would be a better fit to make the decision -an individual or the group? (E.g. would launching a new product be a time where group work might be more effective than individual?)


Address the pros and cons of individual vs. group decision making as exemplified by the fact pattern.  Had Garrow been noted for making good decisions rather than no decision would your ideas on individual vs. group decision making be different?  Be sure to relate the material to the facts of the case and to reference with in-page citations your remarks.

Learning Activity 2 - Theme Two


Just as individuals have bias to making decisions so do groups. Two of the biggest problems with group decision-making are groupthink and lack of synergy in a group.

Read the following articles


Avoiding Groupthink


Groupthink: A Common Contributor to Team Failure


Groupthink is one of the most prevalent of the hidden traps in the business world. View the following videos (spoofs) and then answer the following questions based on the reading material for this week. What symptoms of groupthink do you see?  Identify the conditions in the facts that led to the groupthink taking over the decision process.


 The Process (Designing the Stop Sign)

Learning Activity 3 - Theme Three

The Leader and Managers group decision making fashion

 Go back to Fancy Food Products Inc.,  and leave Mr. Jones out of the equation and suppose instead that you are Johnson and you are charged with setting up a decision making team for the new breakfast line.  Focus on putting together a team that would handle the decision making process. Who might you pick to be on the team, how would they go about making the decision, would you take a leadership role or would you be a facil itator?  What decision making process would you choose to use and why? Address some of the problems that might arise in the group process and how to counteract them. Set up the best team and the best circumstances to make the team succeed. Finally, comment on whether you see any differences in the process between a leader and managers perspective.

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