BIOL102/BIOL103 Macroevolution Quiz Answers (UMUC)

BIOL102/BIOL103 Macroevolution Quiz Answers (UMUC)


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BIOL102/BIOL103 Macroevolution Quiz

  1. A rare (fictitious) plant species, the Frilly Philodendron, contains a chemical that is helpful in controlling cancer. Biologists would like to find similar chemical compounds and test them for potential medical use. Which would be the most efficient strategy for finding these chemicals?
  2. The formation of new biological lineages is called _____________.
  3. Which of the following terms would contain all of the other terms within it i.e. which is the most inclusive.
  4. According to the data presented here, modern birds are most closely related to
  5. Two organisms with a greater number of homologous structures are ---- than two organisms with a fewer number of homologous structures.
  6. Which form of speciation occurs while the organisms are living in the same geographic area?
  7. Speciation is the formation of a new
  8. Which best sums up the relationship between microevolution and macroevolution?
  9. A swarm of insects blows out to sea in a storm. They arrive at a tiny island and form a new population. After many generations, they have diverged from the source population on the mainland. The result is an island-specific (endemic) species with a close relative on the mainland. This is an example of ____________.
  10. How might phylogenetics help scientists fight a new flu outbreak?

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