BIOL102/BIOL103 Human Inheritance Quiz (UMUC)

BIOL102/BIOL103 Human Inheritance Quiz (UMUC)


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BIOL102/BIOL103 Human Inheritance Quiz 

  1. Sickle cell anemia is an autosomal recessive disorder. A person with the disorder and a person that is a carrier mate. (A carrier has the allele for the trait but does not express it.)What is the chance that their offspring will develop sickle cell anemia?
  2. A genetic disorder that is sex-linked cannot also be ___________________.
  3. Hemophilia is a recessive disorder and is on the X chromosome. Hemophilia is _____________________.
  4. A gene that encodes an enzyme required for ribose synthesis is found on the X chromosome. Females that are heterozygous for the wild-type and defective mutant allele of this gene will show:
  5. Nondisjunction in meiosis II results in: ______________________
  6. Traits that are sex-linked and recessive are ________________________.
  7. Nondisjunction in meiosis I results in
  8. According to the pedigree below, this trait is ____________________

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