BIOL102/BIOL103 Gene Regulation Quiz (UMUC)

BIOL102/BIOL103 Gene Regulation Quiz (UMUC)


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BIOL102/BIOL103 Gene Regulation Quiz

  1. Which of the following represents a change that CANNOT be passed on to the next generation?
  2. Which of the following refers to variations in the same gene, which result in different phenotypes?
  3. Which of the following terms describes the macromolecule that carries genetic information?
  4. The start codon signals the start of ___________________.
  5. Assuming that the genes required for sucrose (table sugar) degradation are contained within an operon, then under conditions of low sucrose, you would expect:
  6. At what point in the cell cycle will eukaryotic DNA be most condensed (tightly packaged)?
  7. What is a promoter?
  8. In what type of cell do genes contain exons which are interrupted by introns, that are spliced out after transcription.
  9. DNA is circular in which type of cell?
  10. When bacteria are grown in lactose they produce enzymes required for lactose metabolism. When placed in glucose, these enzymes are no longer produced. The expression of these genes is likely due to:

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