BIOL 302 BIOL302 MODULE 6 QUIZ Basics of Databases Answers (UMUC)

BIOL 302 BIOL302 MODULE 6 QUIZ Basics of Databases Answers (UMUC)


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BIOL 302 MODULE 6 QUIZ Basics of Databases Module (UMUC)

  1. True or false? Spreadsheets provide more options for graphical representation of the data than databases
  2. In terms of customer service issues, which of the following is the least likely reason for using a robust CRM?
  3. True or false? Data warehousing is the process of extracting data from a data warehouse.
  4. A staff/faculty member uses proprietary (owned and protected by the university) data from the university's student financial records database in a graph that is part of a presentation at a computer education conference. Which of the following best describes the data issue?
  5. True or false? The largest component of a database is a field.
  6. What are procedures that help keep a database current?
  7. A savvy hacker uses a poorly secured vendor's website to obtain all the information needed to access the main database of a large chain store, including the store's database password. Which threat best describes this database breach?
  8. You are annoyed by receiving identical marketing messages from an online shopping site you have used. If the company wishes to maintain a good relationship with you, which of the following CRM components needs to be addressed to improve customer satisfaction?
  9. Which of the following would be an example of a loss of record confidentialityin a database?
  10. Are the following examples of increasing brand awareness through groups or fans? Select Yes or No for each option.
  11. True or false? Not all of the top database breaches in 2013 involved U.S. companies.
  12. True or false? Because you have made it a practice to never access the internet while your personal database is open, you can rest assured that your database would likely not be vulnerable to any compromises.
  13. What is one advantage of using a relational database over a spreadsheet or flat file to store data?
  14. True or false? It is just too challenging to have different passwords for every device you use and every online site that requires an ID and password. It would be OK to use a very strong base word or phrase and change the same 2 or 3 characters in that word/phrase for each site.

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