BIBL 104 BIBL104 Quiz 7 (Liberty University)

BIBL 104 BIBL104 Quiz 7 (Liberty University)


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BIBL104 Quiz 7 (Liberty University)

  1. Galatians makes it very clear that the law is more powerful and cancels out grace
  2. What is justification, and how does it relate to God’s grace?
  3. New Testament letters are typically shorter than their ancient counterparts since early Christian leaders needed more space to conduct their missionary work and shepherd their flocks from a distance.
  4. The problems of the local church of 1 Corinthians were rooted in a sinful self-centeredness.
  5. In 1st Corinthians Paul stressed, without _____ the spiritual gifts have no value
  6. Timothy witnessed the stoning of Paul, or its results, which influenced him to have the meek, retiring personality that appears in this letter
  7. Paul famously describes love in 1 Corinthians 10.
  8. The church at Corinth was the ideal model of a first-century apostolic church
  9. Letters are meant to be read________________, the same way you read a personal letter today.
  10. Sanctification (or progressive holiness) through the indwelling Holy Spirit in the lives of believers is the fruit (result) of justification
  11. What kind of leaders did Paul want in churches?
  12. What topics do 1 Timothy and Titus have in common?
  13. Believers should obey governmental authority.” Why?
  14. In Romans, Paul made it clear he hoped to spread the gospel east to India and planned to visit that region
  15. New Testament letters are occasional or situational, meaning that they were written to address specific situations or problems related to the author or (usually) to the readers.
  16. The Pastoral Epistles do not teach us about church leadership.
  17. The main doctrinal problem Paul corrected in his letter to the Galatians was that "faith alone in Christ, not works, accomplished their salvation."
  18. What were Paul’s personal motivations to write such a blunt letter with negative accusations?
  19. In Romans, Paul teaches about the Jewish “remnant” and the future of Israel
  20. How is righteousness related to faith?

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