BEHS 210 BEHS210 Midterm with Answers (UMUC)

BEHS 210 BEHS210 Midterm with Answers (UMUC)


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BEHS 210 Midterm Answers (UMUC)

1) Explain the purpose and importance of the scientific method in social science research. (Up to 4 pts; maximum 1 paragraph)

2) In your own words, explain the major points Dr. E conveyed in her week #1 lecture and provide an example of when you DID NOT engage in critical thinking and the consequences of not doing so. (Up to 7 pts; maximum 2 paragraphs)

3) Discuss the goals of interdisciplinary study in social science and why interdisciplinary study is important. (Up to 8 pts; maximum 2 paragraphs)

4) Choose either the concept of cultural relativism OR cultural materialism.  Define, and then provide an example of this concept that is NOT provided in the reading.  Next, explain how this theory can help you better understand your own culture. (Up to 6 pts; maximum 3 paragraphs)

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