BEHS 210 BEHS210 Final Exam with Answers (UMUC)

BEHS 210 BEHS210 Final Exam with Answers (UMUC)


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BEHS 210 Final Exam (UMUC)

1.  The four areas (domains) in which Interdisciplinarity is practiced are: (5 points)

2.  One classic theory on aging which suggests that elders will disengage from society and develop new patterns of interaction with peers who share common backgrounds and interests is a main point of the _________ theory. (5 points)

3.  An older woman retires and completely changes her life. She is no longer raising children or working. However, she joins the YWCA to swim every day. She serves on the Friends of the Library board. She is part of a neighborhood group that plays Bunco on Saturday nights. Her situation most closely illustrates the ______ theory. (5 points)

4.  Hillary is in a class with James.  Today, James made a total fool out of himself when answering the professor’s question regarding how to find the square root of a number.  Hillary is sure that James is as intelligent as the side of a barn.  Hillary’s assessment is known as the ______________ and refers to our tendency to perceive others acting the way they act because of internal factors, such as intelligence (or lack thereof). (5 points)

5.  What is the APA style and why is it important in scientific writing? (Maximum: 2 paragraphs) (Up to 6 points)

6.  In your own words, explain one of the major points from Dr. E's Gerontology lecture (Maximum 1 paragraph) (Up to 3 points)

7.  Explain one of the major points made by Professor Tamir Sukkary in his lecture, “Introduction to Political Scienceand describe how you can incorporate this knowledge into the way you currently think about the world (Maximum: 2 paragraphs)(Up to 6 points)

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