Ashford PHI 208 PHI208 Final Exam Answers (NEW)

Ashford PHI 208 PHI208 Final Exam Answers (NEW)


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PHI208 Final Exam (New 2015)

  1. Leon Kass argues that the primary responsibility of physicians is to:
  2. How do we determine the difference between higher and lower pleasures, according to Mill?
  3. Aristotle states that if we ask what the highest good of human action is:
  4. In The Emperor’s Club, what best describes the teacher’s (Kevin Kline) response to his student’s (Emile Hirsch) admission of cheating?
  5. According to Mill, utilitarian morality holds that:
  6. According to Tom Regan, what is fundamentally wrong with our current system?
  7. According to Aristotle, we should begin ethical inquiry by specifying:
  8. Kant argues that when I find someone in need:
  9. In Aristotle’s view, the virtues are:
  10. In the excerpt from Plato’s Republic, Glaukon suggests that people are good
  11. Which of the following does not happen in the “Meet Your Meat” to animals with diseases or injuries on modern factory farms:
  12. Passive euthanasia is:
  13. Nagel argues that the atomic bomb attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki were just like what other kind of action, just on a larger scale?
  14. Hill refers to the ability to understand oneself, to face oneself, and to be honest about the kind of creature one is by this term:
  15. Rachels claims that most actual cases of killing:
  16. Hill would claim that a lack of aesthetic perception
  17. Tom Regan discusses the concept of indirect duties. Having only indirect duties towards animals means
  18. Kenneth Anderson argues that the fact that drones make the resort to force easier
  19. Hill would agree most with which of the following statements?
  20. What does Peter Singer say about the history of liberation movements?
  21. In 2003, how many people died in Canada, according to the video “Dying for Care: Quality Palliative and End of Life Care in Canada”?
  22. In the Groundwork for the Metaphysics of Morals we find that to act on ‘duty’ is
  23. According to the scene from The Bridge on the River Kwai, what is the ultimate reason Colonel Nicholson (Alec Guinness) insists that the soldiers work hard to build the best bridge possible:
  24. According to Rachels, many people accept the conventional doctrine because they believe:
  25. According to Leon Kass, the drive to legalize euthanasia can be largely attributed to
  26. What does Tom Regan say about the cruelty/kindness approach to animal ethics?
  27. How have historians tended to treat typically male tendencies versus typically female tendencies?
  28. What, according to Noddings, do male philosophers tend to say about death (as opposed to women)?
  29. According to Rachels, the case of Smith and Jones shows that:
  30. This product was pulled from Abercrombie and Fitch stores based on protests through a blog
  31. Hill uses this technique in the middle of the article to examine ideas about the human’s place within nature:
  32. According to Thomas Hill’s account of environmental ethics, a person might show a lack of virtue when they:
  33. Jeremy Waldron argues that the current use of drone warfare is unethical because
  34. What would best express Colonel Nicholson’s (Alec Guinness) view regarding what makes a soldier, as expressed in the The Bridge on the River Kwai clip?
  35. According to Jeremy Bentham (as described by Singer) what should determine whether a being’s interests should be taken into account?
  36. In Held’s article, a thinker named Annette Baier claims that the history of Western ethical thought does not take into account feminine aspects because
  37. When faced with the complaint that utilitarianism is a doctrine worthy of pigs, Mill responds that pleasures differ in:
  38. Rachels claims that active euthanasia:
  39. Kant explains that respect for a person is:
  40. According to Rachels, active euthanasia involves:
  41. Rachels claims that:
  42. Leon Kass argues that legalizing euthanasia will:
  43. This is one way that men can contribute to the destruction of sexual objectification of women
  44. According to Caroline Heldman, which of the following is a question that applies to her sexual object test?
  45. According to Gilligan, stages five and six of Kohlberg’s analysis of moral development involve
  46. What is Peter Singer’s point about performing vivisection on mentally disabled human infants?
  47. In the video “What is Just War Theory?” Michael Walzer states that a core idea of Just War Theory
  48. Hill claims that a fruitful way to think about the badness of destroying the environment is:
  49. If Midgley is correct, moral scepticism
  50. In Hill’s example, what did the wealthy eccentric man do to his yard after he bought a new house?

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