Ashford PHI 103 PHI103 Week 5 Quiz Answers (NEW)

Ashford PHI 103 PHI103 Week 5 Quiz Answers (NEW)


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PHI103 Week 5 Quiz NEW

  1. Both times I went to the movies at Northpark Mall the people watching the movies were extremely disruptive. That movie theater is horrible.
  2. Deciduous trees are trees that shed their leaves. Maple trees are deciduous trees. Thus, maple trees will shed their leaves at some point during the growing season.
    The statement, “Maple trees are deciduous trees,” is a premise.
  3. A sound argument is __________.
  4. No physical object can travel faster than light.  An electron is a physical object.  So, an electron cannot travel faster than light.
  5. I know that Stephen has a lot of money. His parents drive Mercedes. His dogs wear cashmere sweaters, and he paid cash for his Hummer.
    The conclusion of the argument is ____________.
  6. Not having a representative sample of a group is ____________.
  7. Which type of inductive argument is the following?
    Almost all dogs like to chase cats. Fido is a dog, so he probably likes to chase cats.
  8. “You are only opposed to welfare reform because you are rich.”
  9. All dogs are warm-blooded. All warm-blooded creatures are mammals. Hence, all dogs are mammals.  
    The sentence, “Hence, all dogs are mammals,” is a premise in this argument.
  10. If we go to the movies, we will need to drive the minivan.
  11. Charles is hard to work with, since he always interrupts others.  Therefore, I do not want to work with Charles in the development committee.
  12. “Up to 80% of doctors endorse this project” uses which rhetorical device?
  13. According to the Venn diagram method, you can tell that a categorical argument is valid if ____________.
  14. Which type of inductive argument is the following?
    He is late; there must have been traffic.
  15. Which of the following statements represents an argument?
  16. Which type of inductive argument is the following?
    All crows observed so far have been black, so all crows are black.
  17. Dogs are better than cats, since they always listen to what their masters say. They also are more fun and energetic.
    The first sentence of this argument contains two premises.
  18. An argument is cogent if and only if _____________
  19. TV Preacher: “Just a $50 love gift per month is all it takes to live a life of economic health and prosperity.  God will reward your generous donation with ten times more blessings in your own life if you donate to our ministry.”
  20. A premise can __________.

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