Ashford PHI 103 PHI103 Week 1 Quiz Answers (NEW 2016)

Ashford PHI 103 PHI103 Week 1 Quiz Answers (NEW 2016)


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PHI103 Week 1 Quiz NEW

  1. Using what you have learned in Chapter 1, which of the following is the method of philosophical thinking?
  2. Which of the following is not a typical misconception about logic?
  3. When people are engaged in analytical thinking, they are __________.
  4. Reasons given to support a conclusion are called __________.
  5. Thinking logically guarantees that __________.
  6. This perspective critiques logic by claiming that logic is an invention of humanity.
  7. Intellectual modesty is __________.
  8. The conclusion of an argument is __________.
  9. Which of the following is likely to indicate a conclusion?
  10. Explanations differ from arguments in that __________.
  11. The following is an important part of expressing arguments in standard form.
  12. Inference is __________.
  13. Which of the following is a claim?
  14. Which of these options is a premise of the following argument? 
    I know that Stephen has a lot of money. His parents drive a Mercedes. His dogs wear cashmere sweaters, and he paid cash for his Hummer.
  15. Claims have the following attribute.
  16. In inductive arguments, __________
  17. Premises and conclusions have which of the following in common?
  18. An argument in logic is _________.
  19. This philosopher was the first to formulate the principles of logic.
  20. To put an argument into standard form, one should identify __________.

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