Ashford HIS 104 HIS104 Week 1 Discussion 2 Open Forum Answer

Ashford HIS 104 HIS104 Week 1 Discussion 2 Open Forum Answer


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HIS104 Week 1 Discussion 2 Open Forum

Open Forum. This discussion forum is an opportunity for you to explore topics that interested you in the week, share your struggles and triumphs, and raise questions to topics with which you had trouble understanding and would like more clarity. Your initial post should describe your experiences as you went through this week’s materials and prompt further discussion. You should address the following:

  1. What struck you as you explored the week’s materials?
  2. What did you struggle with this week?
  3. After going over the week’s materials, are there questions that you are wrestling with?

You are welcome to reference any of the required or supplementary materials, instructor guidance, student posts, or outside materials that you may have found, as well as anything in the text that was not covered in the discussions.

If you notice a classmate is struggling with something that you can help with, use your responses as a way to support them. Helping out your classmates will not only benefit them, but it will also help to solidify your own knowledge.

Your initial post is due by Day 3, and you must respond to at least two other classmates by Day 7. 

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