Ashford EXP 105 EXP105 Week 2 Assignment Learning Patterns in Action

Ashford EXP 105 EXP105 Week 2 Assignment Learning Patterns in Action


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EXP105 Week 2 Learning Patterns in Action

Darnell, who aspires to be a counselor, describes his Confluence

"I like to look at things a little differently than others do. I enjoy putting things into perspective and understanding different points of view, even if it doesn’t change mine. I know that I can be spontaneous when I talk to people and can get side tracked easily in my thoughts. I feel my brain is like radar, always scanning. I tend to blurt things out in conversation or completely change the subject. On the other hand; I am not a big risk taker, so to speak. I take risks only when the outcome outweighs the risk, but not every time. I operate best under a regiment, something that I can rely on being constant. I think that’s why working the same schedule over and over isn’t a big deal to me."

Based on Darnell’’s description of how he uses his Confluence, at what level does he use this Pattern?

Frank, a retired plumber and father of four, described how one of his favorite hobbies helped support his family:



“I love picking up broken items that others have thrown away and fixing them. One of my favorite times of the year was called “Clean up Week” when people would throw away broken appliances and other large items to be taken to the local dump. I sometimes had up to six broken vacuum cleaners in my shop and it felt so good to take parts from each to create one working vacuum. I would spend hours in the shed puttering and felt so proud of myself when I managed to successfully fix something. My problem solving skills saved us money! I once found a TV with no picture and another with no sound. I set them on top of each other - problem solved!” 



Which Learning Pattern best fits Frank’s description above?Sharonda, a medical coder, says the following about her Learning Patterns:



"I need to see a purpose behind whatever I am doing, and I like to work by myself. I absolutely do not like writing things down even though I know it would probably be a tremendous help to take notes. I am the one to figure out how things work and I am probably sitting there hoping and praying you don't ask to help because I want to do it all on my own." 



Which Learning Pattern best fits Sharonda’s description above?Suzanne, preschool assistant, says the following about her Learning Patterns:



"I like getting results from what I've done, I like to answer questions and I tend to ask a lot of questions. I am the queen of asking a million questions if it's something I'm trying to find out the answer to no matter the situation. Google is my best friend. In classroom type situations I just want to do the work and get it over with. Once my questions have been answered, I don’t want to have to wait on you to understand before moving on." 



Which Learning Pattern best fits Suzanne’s description above?Betty a retired secretary, mother of five, grandmother of fifteen, and self-anointed “domestic goddess” describes her level of use in Confluence as the following: 


"My score in Confluence fell in the correct 'level of use pile.' Don’t get me wrong I am a go-getting, risk-taking dare devil, but I weigh the odds first. In my life journey I made too many mistakes not to consider the consequences of my actions. Therefore, I learned to organize, research, and contemplate all options before wasting my time on a fruitless venture. Energy takes time to build and time is money, so I can’t afford to waste any effort."



Based on Betty’s description of how she uses her Confluence, at what level does she use this Pattern?Rebecca, a librarian, says the following:



"I love information! I read everything I can get my hands on because I just think information is amazing. I can't get enough of it, so I became a librarian." 



Which Learning Pattern best fits the description above?Rita, a single-mom of a 7 year old daughter has enrolled in the Business Administration Program with a minor in criminal justice. She chose this program because she is very organized and good with paper work and computers.



"I am a note taker, an information seeker, and a perfectionist. To be quite honest, I really enjoy being correct and I am always willing to debate but only after I research the topic at hand. You will often hear me say “Hold on, let me look that up” as I reach for my smartphone during a conversation with my friends. On a more serious note, I feel that details are what make things interesting and worth learning. I try to be as correct with my writing as possible by researching accurate information and conveying the information to the reader in a manner that clearly answers all questions before they can be asked." 



This description matches Rita’s Use First score of which Learning Pattern:Debbie, a doctoral student, describes her use of the Technical Learning Pattern as follows:


“I don't really care too much about fixing things. For instance, a computer runs and that's all I care about. However, I do like tools and software which helps me be efficient and effective. I’m not really one to get excited about putting my hands on and take things apart. I will, though, if I need to. I'm pretty good with technology and will tinker around until I figure out how a program or new software works. I typically don't read the directions until after I get stuck and once I start, I won’t stop until I conquer it!”


Based on Debbie’s description of how she uses her Technical Reasoning, what level does she use this Pattern?Tyrus is majoring in Child Development and volunteers as an after school tutor. He recently took the LCI and shared his results.



"As soon as I finished my LCI, I immediately jumped onto the internet to search for additional information about each Learning Pattern. I wanted to learn more about each Pattern, and more importantly, I wanted to learn more about the strengths and challenges that are presented with each Pattern. I think that understanding the “whys” of my Learning Patterns will help me become more of a team player at work, a better listener, more understanding with my family, and more open to suggested ideas and constructive criticism as a student."


This description matches Tyrus’s Use First score of which Learning Pattern:Mark describes his use of Technical Reasoning as the following:



"When I was 8 years old, I took apart my brand new computer just to see the inside. My parents weren’t too happy about that! I thought it was fun to play with the components and learning how it all worked. As an adult, I challenged myself to build a computer with a limited budget and all used parts. Not only did it work, but I hooked it up to my TV screen and had a huge computer. It was so much fun!"



Based on Mark’s description of how he uses his Technical Reasoning, at what level does he use this Pattern?Amelia is a former Navy admiral and a Strong-Willed Learner with all Use First patterns. 



"My family and I decided to go camping one weekend. When we set up the grill, it wouldn’t light. We attempted several kindling and charcoal configurations resulting in the fire snuffing itself out. 


I am not easily swayed by machine or equipment flaws because I was a nuclear engineer for the Navy and I was going to grill my lunch one way or another. First, I went back to the car and found my multi-tool with a hammer attached to the pliers end and I got a screwdriver. ThenI used the tools to puncture little holes in the bottom of the grill. Finally, I lit a match and the fire had enough air and I could successfully cook our lunch."



Which Learning Patterns did Amelia use with intention to successfully field-fit the situation?Tamika is currently enrolled in ENG 121. She describes her experience field-fitting for an assignment. 



"I had a paper due in my ENG 121 course but “life happened” during the week and I had put it off until the day it was due. I began to panic. I had a lot of material to cover and my Use First in Precision wanted to cover every last detail. Realizing that I would miss the deadline if I relied solely on my Precision, I made a plan. First, I asked my husband for help with the kids and gave him a list of chores that need to be done before they went to bed. Then, I reviewed my reading material and began to write an outline of the most important information. I didn’t want to get lost in all the details and only wrote down the main points. After an hour, I told myself that I had enough information to start and got my paper typed out quickly and efficiently." 



Which Learning Patterns did Tamika use with intention to successfully field-fit the situation?Jack, a Strong-Willed Learner, describes a recent event that forced him to field-fit.



"A good friend of mine passed away recently, I was asked to play a song on my guitar at his services. My original plan was to play “Wish You Were Here” by Pink Floyd. After spending many hours practicing I still didn’t have enough confidence to play the guitar solo in the intro. I was afraid of failing and looking stupid in front of a lot of people.

I changed the plan by deciding to compose an original piece of music for the occasion. I took a chance and let my mind wander without boundaries. I was not afraid to fail because it was an original piece and if I didn’t play the song exactly as planned nobody would notice."



Which Learning Pattern was used to field-fit and successfully carry out the original plan?Sylvia is seeking a degree in Business Administration to set herself up for vertical advancement in her current place of employment. 



"While working for the corporate office of a restaurant group, myself and a co-worker were asked to print off the new Employee Manuals and recipe books. We had always previously been able to handle all of these manuals in-house. No one anticipated how long it would take and we were about a quarter of the way into it before we realized we would not have everything ready by the deadline. The printers in the office could not handle the large output and the project would take much longer than anticipated. 


I had to research purchasing additional higher capacity printers and adding more people or just outsourcing the project to another company. After tallying up all the costs of additional labor, new equipment and materials, it was just not cost effective to continue handling this in-house anymore. I created well-organized and easy to read comparison charts for the executive team and they agreed that outsourcing the project was the best step."



Which Learning Patterns were used to field-fit and successfully complete the original plan in this situation?Shawn is a retired military veteran who is now employed as a civilian contractor. Obtaining his degree in Organizational Management will enable him to be considered for future promotions. Shawn describes a situation he encountered below:


"I worked for a defense contractor responsible for providing computer training to military units. We were scheduled to conduct training on Monday, the day after the Super Bowl. At the training site, the video monitor used for PowerPoint presentations was too small for the expected audience. I brainstormed several ideas to make the training work. I thought about buying a projector but the approval process would take too long. I considered local video equipment rental but all units were rented out. So, I came up with an idea that was unconventional and could have even be considered a distraction to the event. I borrowed a second 42 inch monitor from the adjacent room that was not being currently used and set one monitor on the left side of the room and one monitor on the right side room. The training went exceptionally well."

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