Ashford ENG 225 Week 4 Quiz Answers

Ashford ENG 225 Week 4 Quiz Answers


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ENG225 Week 4 Quiz

  1. Why was The Birth of a Nation such a controversial film, in spite of its technical brilliance?
  2. In addition to acting, which of the following is part of a movie’s mise en scène?
  3. In which auteur’s films are you most likely to encounter gritty, urban subject matter?
  4. Which of the following roles required impersonation?
  5. Which of the following is true of a realistic acting style?
  6. Which stylistic movement in film was best known for using well-worn actual locations and ordinary-looking, nonglamorous actors?
  7. What film technician’s role is most like the role of the foreman in the construction of a building?
  8. Beyond setting up shots and other technical work, what is perhaps the director’s most important job?
  9. In today’s movie industry, who is most responsible for creating and maintaining a star’s persona?
  10. Which director is credited with largely setting the stage for what we think of as the modern film director?

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