Ashford ENG 225 Week 3 Quiz Answers

Ashford ENG 225 Week 3 Quiz Answers


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ENG225 Week 3 Quiz

  1. Why is effective editing sometimes called “invisible editing”?
  2. Soviet filmmaker Sergei Eisenstein promoted which idea about editing?
  3. In what decade did digital sound come into use in movies?
  4. Moving back and forth between shots of a woman tied to a railroad tracks and shots of a speeding train elsewhere on the track is an example of what editing technique?
  5. According to scholars, what is one way the advent of talking pictures changed the behavior of movie audiences?
  6. Which of the following is the worldwide standard still in use for sound recording in film today?
  7. Which of the following editing techniques helps keep screen direction constant?
  8. What is the name for a set of related scenes that follow one another in a film?
  9. Which of the following transitions involves a fade-in superimposed over a fade-out?
  10. At which stage of the process of film production does editing primarily take place?

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