Ashford EDU 656 EDU 656 Week 5 Assignment Evaluating JIT Training

Ashford EDU 656 EDU 656 Week 5 Assignment Evaluating JIT Training


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EDU 656 EDU656 EDU/656 Week 5 Assignment Evaluating JIT Training

Evaluating JIT Training. Imagine you work in the corporate training department of a major coffee company called Tasty Coffee Company. Your supervisor pulls you into her office, excited to tell you that she has just been approved to purchase an iPad for each of the stores in the San Francisco district. She explains that this tool can be used to deliver JIT training to new employees right on the job! She knows you have been studying e-learning and the JIT learning model, so she shows you some mock-ups for the company’s newest espresso bar training app and asks for your input.

Review the training app mock-ups in your online course, and write an evaluation for your boss. Your evaluation should address the following:

Identify at least five areas of the design that could be improved, justifying your list with explanations and support from the text.

Propose at least one specific suggestion for improving each area.
Your evaluation should be three to four pages in length, not including title and reference pages, be in APA format,

and reference at least one scholarly source in addition to the course text. 

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