Ashford EDU 656 EDU 656 Week 2 Assignment Needs Analysis Survey

Ashford EDU 656 EDU 656 Week 2 Assignment Needs Analysis Survey


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EDU 656 EDU656 EDU/656 Week 2 Assignment Needs Analysis Survey

Using Survey Monkey, Google Forms, or a different survey tool of your choice, conduct a survey to gather information on others’ experiences with each of the possible JIT solutions you identified in last week’s discussion. Your survey should contain at least five questions (you may use any of the questions below or make your own), and should be administered to at least five individuals (ideally, coworkers or classmates). Feel free to use the Ashford Café as a forum for administering your survey to classmates.


  •  What kinds of technologies do you use on a regular basis?
  •  Is the following JIT solution accessible to you? (Insert JIT solution here)
  •  How much time would you have to devote to this training/learning activity?
  •  What kind of training/learning methods do you prefer?
  •  How much experience do you have with the knowledge/skill being taught in this training/learning
    Summarize your survey findings in a Word document. Did the results surprise you? Why or why not? Based on the results from this survey, which JIT solutions appear to be the best options for facilitating your training/learning, with regard to your training/learning need? Explain. Make sure your summary is in APA format.
    Please be sure to paste a link to your survey on a separate reference page.
    Note: Please make an effort to participate in your classmates’ surveys. Also, note that these survey results will be used throughout the course in developing your final project. 

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