Ashford EDU 602 EDU 602 Week 6 Final Project

Ashford EDU 602 EDU 602 Week 6 Final Project


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EDU 602 EDU602 EDU/602 Week 6 Final Project Online Performance Assessment

Focus of the Final Project

This written assignment provides you with an opportunity to design performance objectives, learning activities, and performance assessments that you will use in your online CourseSites class. Be sure to read the course text Chapters 10 & 11 as you prepare for this assignment.

Perform the following tasks:

Step 1: Develop two learning outcomes and performance objectives for an online final project.

You will develop at least two (2) learning outcomes and two (2) matching performance objectives at the Synthesis or Evaluation level of Blooms Taxonomy. You will use these as a basis for your final summative project. The summative project will ensure that learners have mastered key skills and knowledge in your online course.

Step 2: Design a Summative Assessment (Assignment).

Create a final assignment that measures achievement of the performance objectives developed in Step 1. The assignment should be robust and authentic such as a final project, an experiment, an interactive experience, a performance, a fieldwork activity, etc. Instructions for completing the assignment should be clearly sequenced and support successful completion of the assignment. Include milestones and recommended completion dates.

Add your Summative Assessment (Assignment) to your course site.

Step 3: Develop an Assessment Rubric.

For your summative assessment create a rubric that measures accomplishment of the key skills and knowledge identified within the assignment and spelled out by the performance objective. The rubric should include at least four (4) performance criteria and three (3) levels of accomplishment (Distinguished, Proficient and Below Expectations).

Add your rubric to your course site underneath your Summative Assessment

Click these links for additional guidance on rubric development:

  • Rubric Example: APA Formatting rubric 
  • A Rubric for Rubrics – an excellent reference for components of a good rubric 


Step 4: Develop a Formative Assessment.

Develop one Formative Assessment that aligns to the Final Assignment above. This will serve as a check-in point for a critical skill or product that should be monitored to ensure successful completion of the assignment. For your formative assessment, describe what you are measuring, how you plan to measure it, and what percentage of the final grade it will count for.

Add your formative assessment to your course site.

Step 5: Measure Knowledge using a Quiz.

In Week 4 you developed a training objective. Develop a five item quiz to measure learner knowledge necessary to meet that training objective. Add it to your CourseSites Course in connection with the training objective.

Instructions for creating a quiz:

The quiz can be added from the “Assessment” dropdown by selecting “Test.” The questions you include should be related to the topics in your Module 2 CourseSites Course. To review how this is done, view the “Create and Deploy a Test” area under “Build” within the “Getting Started with CourseSites” training.

Step 6: Write up your work from Steps 1-5 above.
In addition to adding the assessments and rubric above to your course site, develop an APA formatted paper that describes your course, the target audience, the lesson and lesson goals you are addressing. Include all work developed in this assignment (learning outcomes, performance objectives and assessments). Describe the reasoning behind your work and why you feel that students will be able to achieve the learning outcomes by completing the assignments identified. Included in your paper should be:

  1. Two Learning Outcomes and matching Performance Objectives at the Synthesis or Evaluation level of Blooms Taxonomy (Step 1). 
  2. One robust Summative Assignment measuring the Synthesis/Evaluation Learning Outcomes (Step 2). 
  3. One Assessment Rubric measuring the criteria of your Summative Assignment (Step 3). 
  4. One Formative Assessment (Step 4). 
  5. One training objective and five question quiz that measures the training acquisition (Step 5). 
  6. A write up describing how your outcomes, objectives, and assessments support the learning goals of your lesson. 
  7. Include a URL to your course site. 
    8. Your paper should be in APA format including a Title Page and References.
    Step 7: Save and submit your assignment. 

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