Ashford EDU 602 EDU 602 Week 4 Assignment Educational Content

Ashford EDU 602 EDU 602 Week 4 Assignment Educational Content


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EDU 602 EDU602 EDU/602 Week 4 Assignment Educational Content

This writing assignment addresses assessment of training. Training objectives typically focus on skills and knowledge that are narrow, specific and easily observed. From our class text,

Training is the process of developing competence in a set of specific skills in order to guarantee consistent and successful performance by individuals attempting to complete a particular task. For example, learning to drive a car involves training. A driver must achieve the set of skills that will ensure correct and safe operation of a vehicle. Assessments are used to determine the extent to which competence in each critical skill has been reached (Osteroff, Conrad, & Ely, 2008, p.57).

Complete this assignment by following the steps below.

Step 1: Reflect on the Learning Goals.

Take a moment and think about the online course you are developing. What specific skills and knowledge would be important for your learners to acquire? Perhaps they would need a training on how to use scientific devices for an experiment, or how to use a multimedia software in order to create an online video.

Step 2: Develop a Training Objective.

Once you have identified a training skill or knowledge, think about each subskill that you would assess in order to determine whether the student achieved that larger training goal. Perhaps you are teaching a new college student about how to use APA formatting. There are several subskills that comprise the ability to properly format a paper in APA style. Each subskill would serve as separate criteria for you to assess.

An example of a Training Objective for APA formatting might be:

  • APA Training Goal: Learners will be able to correctly use APA formatting in a written paper. 
  • APA Training Objective: Given an unformatted 3 page paper, learner will be able to APA format the
    paper including a title page, text formatting, running head, subtitles, citations and a references page. 


To assess this you might use a rubric similar to the one below. Note that each criteria addresses only one discreet skill. 

Step 3: Develop a Training Goal, Training Objective and Assessment Rubric.

Using the APA rubric as an example above, develop a training goal and training objective for your lesson. Then develop a rubric. Your paper will include:

  • A description of your lesson and overall lesson goal(s). 
  • A description of the training goal within your lesson (what your learners will be able to do after the
  • One training objective that is measurable and observable and supports your training goal. 
  • A rubric composed of a specific set of criteria addressing the training objective. Your rubric should
    include at least 4 criteria and 3 levels of proficiency.
    Step 4: Reflection.
    In 250-400 words, reflect on training objectives and how to assess them. What are some ways to assess training skills other than using a rubric? What might be barriers to assessing training in the online environment? How might you overcome those barriers?
    Step 5: Save and submit your assignment. 

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