Ashford EDU 602 EDU 602 Week 1 Assignment From Outcomes to Assessment

Ashford EDU 602 EDU 602 Week 1 Assignment From Outcomes to Assessment


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EDU 602 EDU602 EDU/602 Week 1 Assignment From Outcomes to Assessment

This assignment provides you with a practical application for designing Learning Outcomes, Performance Objectives and Assessments. Remember, learning outcomes are general statements of what the learner will be able to do after completing a lesson. Taking it to the next level, performance objectives detail the activities and conditions needed for a learner to demonstrate achievement of the learning outcome.

Here is an example of a learning outcome and performance objective from this week’s multimedia presentation:

• Learning Outcome:

o StudentswillbeabletouseMicrosoftExcel.

• Performance Objective - Procedural:

o Student will be able to prepare a budget using formulas and functions (Pearson, 2015).

For this assignment you will develop three learning outcomes, and then three performance objectives to support them. Then you will design simple assessments that align to each objective. Perform the following tasks:

Step 1: Describe a lesson. Consider the lesson you have started to develop in previous course(s), For your lesson, provide the following:

o The course title and description
o The intended audience, including age, grade, or industry (e.g. training for an insurance organization) o The name and brief description of the lesson
o Describe the goal of the lesson, what it is designed to teach and the focus of the learning activities

Step 2: Develop Three Learning Outcomes. Next, develop one learning outcome for each of the three types of knowledge we learned about in our class materials—declarative, procedural and problem solving. Each outcome should describe a skill or knowledge that supports the lesson goal. It should be observable and measurable.

Step 3: Develop Three Performance Objectives: Performance objectives describe precise conditions and activities that a learner must perform in order to demonstrate learning mastery. Using the learning outcomes developed in Step 2, now create one specific, measurable and observable performance objective for each of the three learning outcomes.

To develop your performance objectives, select one Bloom’s action verb that supports the skill or knowledge level from the Taxonomy. You may wish to use the ASU Objectives Builder to build your objectives.

Here are a couple of additional resources to guide you in creating your objectives:

o Suggested Instructional Strategies for use with Bloom’s Action Verbs

o WritingObjectivesUsingBloom’sTaxonomy o Learning Objectives Job Aid

• Step 4: Write an Assessment for each Performance Objective. Performance objectives are observable and measureable. They describe each skill or knowledge the learner will demonstrate. Now create a simple assessment for each objective that matches the skill or knowledge described. Table 1 below provides a lesson example from this week’s Lesson Presentation 1 that has been expanded to include performance objectives and assessments. Use this example as you develop your Lesson Goal, Learning Outcomes, Performance Objectives and Assessments. 

Step 5: Reflecting on your work. Briefly describe how each assessment you developed will measure achievement of the main Learning Goal. Also discuss your use of Bloom’s Taxonomy in the development of your objectives. Was the taxonomy helpful? Finally, discuss the development of your assessments based on each performance objective. Were the assessments easier to develop when your objectives were specific and measurable?

Step 6: Save and submit your assignment. When you have completed the assignment, save a copy for yourself in an easily accessible place and submit a copy to your instructor. Remember to keep track of all your work because you will be creating an ePortfolio in the final (Capstone) course in the MATLT program. Depending on the system the course utilizes, assignments will either be submitted via the classroom Assignment Basket Assignment Basket Icon or Waypoint. 

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